„Together against hunger!” – Ordit and Hungarian Food Bank announce joint action

2022-04-20 •
Együtt a nélkülözés ellen! - Közös akciót hirdet az Ordit és a Magyar Élelmiszerbank

Ordit Hungary has always taken to heart the protection of our environment and the plight of our fellow people in need. This is why we are very pleased that we have been having the Hungarian Food Bank Association on our platform as a major partner for several years.

One of the main goals of the Hungarian Food Bank Association is to find and deliver to those in need safe, valuable and in most cases completely flawless products that for some reason cannot be placed on the shop’s shelves.

In order to bring closer the ideals of the organization and to present the details of our latest joint action, we spoke with Eszter Horváth-Halmai, head of fundraising at the Food Bank, and András Nagygyörgy, the association’s director of external relations.

What is the Hungarian Food Bank Association?

The Hungarian Food Bank was established in 2005 and has been operating for 17 years.

Its creation was inspired by international examples. The idea came from a Hungarian mother living in France, who saw in the supermarkets that at the end of the day, food that had become „out of date” that day would not get thrown out immediately, but would be sent to those in need with the help of a well-organized network.

The Hungarian Food Bank is a classic NGO which was started by private individuals on a voluntary basis. To this day, there are incredibly professional processes surrounding its operation, based on the contributions and work of countless people and volunteers.

Why do we need the Food Bank?

There are estimates that in Hungary more than 1.8 million tons of food that we produce or import gets wasted every year.

This means that the average Hungarian household generates 65 kilograms of food waste per person per year, which is an incredibly high number. About half of this could be saved.

The Hungarian Food Bank Association has set itself the goal of finding these surpluses and transferring them to those in need.

Where does the food come from?

In addition to local collections and public donations, a large amount of supply arrives from supermarkets and manufacturers, products that were deemed inadequate to be sold by their own standards.

It is important that these are completely perfect, flawless goods that can be safely consumed. Mostly, these are produtcs that close to expiration or have some kind of packaging defect.

With the help of partners, the Association can save about 8,000 tons of food per year, which allows regular support for nearly 250,000 people.

How do Ordit and the Hungarian Food Bank cooperate?

Our cooperation started with the purpose of fundraising. We wanted to build something together that represented real value.

Ordit Hungary Kft. has always tried to do everything possible to get to as many of its corporate partners as possible, as well as their employees, the news that it is possible to be charitalbe through food ordering.

Miként működik együtt az Ordit és a Magyar Élelmiszerbank

Through Ordit, many people have already learned about the topic of food waste and the importance of rescuing food. For example, donations through a virtual restaurant on Ordit’s platform, last year enabled the delivery of 23,246 food packages to those in need.

However, this is still only a drop in the ocean, so we would like to do even more this year.

We announce that from 1 April 2022 we are launching a new large-scale joint operation called ‘Together against hunger’ and we are asking for businesses that regularly order catering for their office events to join!

During the campaign, after every catering order placed on our platform we donate a lump sum to the Food Bank that enables them to deliver 5 food packages to those in need.

How can you take part in the action?

Order your next office catering event through Ordit, from any of our market leading service partners.

If you have any queries or want to do more, please contact our colleagues via [email protected].

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  • Tejszínes-gombás fusilli, bélszín csíkokkal


  • Karfiolleves (GM/LM)
  • Holstein csirke, jázminrizzsel (GM/LM)


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  2. Grillezett camembert, salátával (GM)


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